method meth‧od [ˈmeθəd] noun
[countable] a planned way of doing something, especially one that a lot of people use:
method of

• It is best to consider all methods of figuring your annual income tax before deciding on any one option.

method for

• A buy-and-try policy is a suitable method for examining new convenience products.

ABˈC ˌmethod [singular] ACCOUNTING
a method of keeping a record of materials and stock that a company has, in which more time and attention is given to high-value items (class A), less to mid-value items (class B), and the least to low-value items (class C)
deˌclining ˈbalance ˌmethod also reˌducing ˈbalance ˌmethod [singular] ACCOUNTING
a method of calculating the depreciation of an asset, in which the value of the asset is reduced by the same percentage each year and the amount is charged to the profit and loss account
depreciˈation ˌmethod [countable] ACCOUNTING
one of several methods used to calculate the cost of an asset over its expected life. The cost appears in the depreciation account and is used to calculate the depreciation allowance
stˌraight ˈline ˌmethod [singular] ACCOUNTING
a method of calculating the depreciation of an asset, in which the value of the asset is reduced by exactly the same amount each year and the amount is charged to the profit and loss account

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method UK US /ˈmeθəd/ noun [C]
a particular way of doing something: »

Travelling by train is still one of the safest methods of transport.


Debit cards are becoming the payment method of choice for many consumers.

method for sb to do sth »

Prepaid programs provide a simple method for small businesses to control employee spending.

find/develop/employ a method »

We need to develop new methods to improve sales.


an effective/a reliable/a simple method


a conventional/astandard/atraditional method

See also 200 PERCENT DECLINING BALANCE METHOD(Cf. ↑200 percent declining balance method), ABC METHOD(Cf. ↑ABC method), ACCRUAL METHOD(Cf. ↑accrual method), CRITICAL INCIDENT METHOD(Cf. ↑critical incident method), CRITICAL PATH METHOD(Cf. ↑critical path method), DECLINING BALANCE METHOD(Cf. ↑declining balance method), DEPRECIATION METHOD(Cf. ↑depreciation method), DIMINISHING BALANCE METHOD(Cf. ↑diminishing balance method), DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE DEPRECIATION METHOD(Cf. ↑double declining balance depreciation method), DOUBLE DECLINING BALANCE METHOD(Cf. ↑double declining balance method), EQUITY METHOD(Cf. ↑equity method), ORGANIZATION AND METHODS(Cf. ↑Organization and Methods), REDUCING BALANCE METHOD(Cf. ↑reducing balance method), STRAIGHT-LINE METHOD(Cf. ↑straight-line method), SUM OF THE YEARS' DIGITS METHOD(Cf. ↑sum of the years' digits method)

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